For Madden NFL 22 (which we reviewed), we gave it a score of 7 in our review, and described it as "a recent milestone for the series" due to improved and more diverse AI teams madden coins, brand new features such as Gameday Atmosphere and Gameday Momentum as well as a revamped Franchise mode that makes time between games more exciting as opposed to last year's.

We didn't have a look at NBA 2K22 or NHL 22 however both games picked good reviews from reviewers this year. NBA 2K22 has an 78 rating on Metacritic, and the general consensus is that the gameplay is good but hampered by issues with the technical aspect and microtransactions for certain modes.

NHL 22 On the contrary, was received with less praise, scoring a 70 on Metacritic. In our review roundup of NHL 22 the majority of reviewers are overwhelmingly positive about the game, but not so much on the level of innovation. The switch into EA's Frostbite engine provides NHL 22 a visual bump over previous versions, but it's not the same.

The latest sports titles for just $60 at launch could be risky however, the price of $26 per game is an ideal opportunity to get the most recent versions of each franchise to your collection. There are additional Black Friday discounts from Walmart to make use of this week buy Mut 22 coins, too including the open-world sandbox for extreme sports Rider's Republic for just $25.