Is it really possible to win at a casino in Canada?
In principle, it is real. But only if they play with you "honestly". And still, no casino will let you withdraw more money from it than you put into it. Moreover, you can arm yourself with the most advanced strategies and schemes, they still won't work and, as a result, you will be the loser.
Then is it appropriate to talk about the reality of winning? You will be surprised, but we will answer this question in the affirmative. Yes, it is appropriate if the outcome of the game depends on you or if there is an indisputable control of honesty.
As for the first condition, this is possible if you are playing with a real person, and the institution acts as an intermediary. An example is a poker game where people compete, and the outcome of the game depends only on their skills and abilities.
As for the control of honesty, here we can recall the bets on sports sweepstakes. Agree, no one can determine the winner in advance, you can only assume the result based on some of your conclusions and analysis of previous competitions. It is almost impossible to influence the outcome of the game.