The brand new 2022 Pro Bowl experience Madden 22 coins coming to Madden NFL 22 Superstar KO is component of the "Play towards LA" campaign, which has provided players new experience within Madden NFL 22 during the build-up towards Super Bowl LVI. Football fans will have the chance to play head-to-head in their own 2022 Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium in Madden NFL 22 with this season's stellar AFC as well as NFC rosters and earn rewards along the way.

Madden NFL 22 is developed in Orlando and Madrid by EA Tiburon and is available across the globe to Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, PC via Origin and Steam, and Google Stadia.

Brady joins five other active players who have a 99 rating - Aaron Donald, Travis Kelce Davante, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey and Myles Garrett.

Brady was last a member of Mut 22 coins Madden's 99 Club in Madden NFL 19 -- a rating that he's had in five different seasons over the time of his career with his first 99-rated rating coming in Madden NFL 08.