Every NFL team has a distinctive Team Diamond player. They give a good lineup while Madden 22 coins also enhancing Team Chemistry. No matter if you are building these teams, or any other Theme Team in Madden 22, the first thing to do is acquire the Team Diamond.

In the moment, the top Theme Team you can make in MUT 22 is the current Super Bowl Champions, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just keep improving. Alongside some earlier Legends and TOTW options, they just included Record Breaker LTD Tom Brady, who instantly becomes the second best quarterback in MUT 22 , behind the Team Diamonds master Dan Marino.

Madden NFL 22 raises Ravens kicker Justin Tucker's efficiency to 99 after record-setting 66-yard field goal. Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker proved his worth as the best in the game -- and arguably all time -- on Sunday, when he drained an NFL-record field goal of 66 yards with the clock running out to beat the Detroit Lions, 19-17, in Ford Field.

Five-time All Pro Tucker now holds the record for distance, as well as being the most accurate kicker of all time, with 90.6 percent, despite playing outdoors and playing in the extreme conditions of the AFC North.

Madden NFL recognized Tucker's efforts and raised his player rating up to 99 Madden 22 for a short duration. "Justin Tucker. You'll never know the joy I feel for You," Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals legend, said. Johnson was a wide receiver trying to score an extra point during the preseason game of 2009 against the New England Patriots. "You achieved a milestone that only NFL kickers can achieve: a 66 yard NFL record in one game. It is difficult to understand the pressure that we face to either win a game, or make a kick. It's not the same. Sir, you're unique. Your legs are encased with frozen. I'm not sure that is logical, but buy mut coins we're going to make it a thing right now."