NBA 2K22 players are able to NBA 2K22 MT gain access to the Zipline by acquiring their own Penthouse situated in The City which will set to one million MVP Points. The players must finish NBA 2K22 MyCareer Quests, daily Quests, Personal Brand questlines, such as Fashion and Music, or seasonal quests. Penthouse: The Penthouse is located to North of the big building that is located in The City as it was depicted in the NBA 2K22 trailer It is distinct from the two other apartments that are centrally located.

The Penthouse inside 2K Games' latest basketball game lets you unlock the Zipline after NBA 2K22 players are able to finish the goal called"A Room with a View, which is a scene in which the basketball player takes control of the suite. NBA 2K22 players will need to select.

What of four Affiliation zones would NBA 2K22 MT Buy they prefer be able to visit before jumping onto the Zipline while riding down will let them show off their skills using a variety of animations. One of the animations was showcased in the NBA 2K22 clip as the featured player ran their legs through the air as they went down.