The person receiving the thing should find some kind of sound telling in addition to a message in their OSRS gold game chat window which informs him or her that she's received a present from X person (in case the gift giver chose to be named). People who do not want to receive presents for some reason ought to have the ability to turn off the ability to receive gifts at the same tab as accept help. The person giving the presents should also be able to see who received what gift.

When gifts are received, the person receiving the present should find an untradeable present box (such as the one out of the Runescape quiz) at the base of their bank they can open at their leisure. The contents of this present box will be unknown until the box remains open. If the recipient's bank is full, the recipient can talk to some banker to receive the gift box rather.

I think this could be great way to engage in certain random philanthropy without having rewarding the covetous behaviour of party crashers or enabling RWT. What do you think? Finally, in case you do not think it's likely to function, please specify the reason why. The last few posts were somewhat unhelpful in the why department, therefore Sleepy's left in the dark. Thanks Razorlike for pointing outside that the bank supervision, and to Wiltingplant for implying that people sending gifts should have Buy old school rs gold the ability to see who receives the gifts.