78-80 Attack won't take any time at all, perhaps one or two days, and possibly one week if you work slowly. I personally would train in Green Drags OSRS Gold, or Blue Drags in Taverly Dungeon if you uncomfortable with wild. It's pretty slow exp. however, it's decent in terms of cash flow.

If you are going for the most. and speed, I would choose Yaks, Experiments, Flesh Crawlers (SHoS), or possibly Rock Crabs. Each of these areas will provide a good amount of exp. Additionally, they'll be being pretty casual and low risk.

For Summoning the summoning process, it is all about if you have the charms. If you've got the charms, it will likely take you just an hour, perhaps less. If not, no one knows what it would take you to gather the charms. I'll assume the assumption that you own the charms.

From 22 to 31 make Granite Crab pouches. This is a fairly effective method, as well as costing tiny charms. It will require 1,300ish blank pouches, gold charmsand iron ore and some 10,000ish glass shards of spirit. It will likely cost somewhere between the middle and high 200k.

From 31 to 40, you'll make Vampire Bats. They give decent exp, and their materials are not as difficult than others. Find 170 blank pouches crimson charms and vampire dust Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold. They also have 13,400 spirit shards. It will cost you in the vicinity of 300k.