Do not get confused by this account - it's exactly the opposite of OSRS gold One Defence Pure. It's also an account with an extremely low Combat Stat, but in this instance, the account owner chooses to increase the defense Skill but at the expense of other characteristics.

Defense pures were extremely popular in the past because they utilized Dragonfire Shield's special attack , along with damage stacks of venom that originate directly from Serpentine Helm to cause the damage. The players were safe because they had very high Defence as well as Hitpoint levels. Since this strategy is no longer feasible and is no longer a viable option, Defence Pures aren't as well-known as they once were.

Maulers, also referred to as Obsidian Pure, do utilize the Tzhaar-ketom weapon to take on their adversaries. Since the only requirement needed to use this weapon is 60 strength They typically use accounts that have both Attack and defence levels of one. This way they can achieve less combat level than One Defence Pure.

Similar to the previous group, G Maulers design their stats to be only enough to be able to carry any weapon they want to equip. The weapon they choose is called a Granite Maul, which requires 50 Attack and 50 Strength to use. G Maulers typically have a lower levels of combat that One Defence Pure, and occasionally, they can be more dangerous since Granite Maul special attack deals immediate damage. The people who use this weapon usually stay for their opponent's health is low enough to take them down with just one shot.

It's a specific type of Pure that wasn't made by just advancing skills, but was the result of completing Nature Spirit quest. The players who have 13 Defence typically aim to complete the Recipe for Disaster quest to obtain Adamant Gloves. These gloves give players high Attack and cheap OSRS GP Defense bonuses.