I posted this in official forums also, so if you enjoy the idea, I'd appreciate either a bump or RuneScape gold comment there too. Quick find code is above: EDIT: I believe Sal's forums are far busier than official today, I haven't gotten 1 reply however there in over 4 hours... I just got tired of the spamming in the bank, and I figured I'd head to rogues' den to fletch, and even Emerald Benedict was spamming up the den about a fall...

There has to be a better way of letting people know there's a fall in the party space, moreover bankers spamming up the bank with"10k drop in two minutes!!" To mepersonally, a 2m drop is hardly worth the effort of trying to enter a party room in fally filled with a thousand ppl, idiots opening and closing doors so that you can't get in, and getting booted off the server double as the fall occurs, even though I've contributed to the fall.

I believe I can honestly say that the greater majority of High-leveled players could care LESS about fall parties being announced, particularly for such tiny amounts of money. I know why the change was executed, and so that ppl couldnt attempt to possess private drop parties or RWT, but it really is too much.

The party room is just a place for ppl to beg now and fally may also be termed noobville when one of these statements occurs.I've been around at least 10 drops because the modifications, and haven't even been able to pop 1 balloon prior to the party ends or getting kicked off the server.

Solutions: At the very least, stop the bankers from spamming the lender and perhaps have a flashing light from the bank simply to alert ppl a drop will be happening, and they can talk to the banker if they want to understand moreabout However, a constant spamming and countdown is unnecessary, also takes off from the game in my view. Doors should be eliminated, or cheap RS gold kept open during a drop.