With five classes it doesn't seem Lost Ark Gold particularly complex on the surface. However, each class includes between two and four sub-classes called"Advanced Class. "Advanced Class."

The main classes are broad and more general. You can be a Assassin, Gunner, Mage, Martial Artist, or Warrior.

Assassins employ demonic powers to conquer their foes by using swiftly moving blades in melee range.

Shadowhunters can change their appearance and transform into demons in their own right, giving the illusion of speed, health and power.

Deathblade assassins belong to a less traditional form than shadowhunters. They make use of a variety swords to deliver quick attacks and combos that cause deadly injuries.

As you'd expect, this class utilizes weapons best place to buy Lost Ark Gold like guns and bows to take out foes from the range.Lost Ark Stronghold Workshop Menu